Foaming Creamer for Cappuccino

We offer a full range of  Cappuccino Foaming Creamers also referred to as Cappuccino Creamer  or Cappuccino Foamer with a protein content from 5 till 14%

Many types of powdered foaming creamers based on dairy ingredients, vegetable fats and carbohydrates for use in instant drinks such as Cappuccinos and Chocolate drinks (Chococino) .

When hot water or coffee is poured onto the powder, the foaming coffee creamer gives a stable and attractive layer of foam on top of the beverage. In addition, these Foamers are giving Cappuccino coffee a full and milky flavour

Available products

  • Foaming Creamer – Standard for a Cappuccino blend ( instant coffee- sugar- foaming creamer)
  • Foaming Creamer – Without added sugar
  • Foaming Creamer – Specially made for vending machines
  • Foaming Creamer – Cold soluble for Iced Latte


Foaming creamer
foaming creamer

Typical characteristics

  • excellent stable foam volume
  • high emulsion stability
  • stable against oxidation
  • low fat free content
  • For use in vending machines and retail packaging
  • For hot beverages such as Coffee and Chocolate
  • Product is packed in 10kg industrial bags

Specifications and prices are available upon request