tea creamer

English Breakfast tea is commonly served with milk.

tea creamer

Why a Tea Creamer

Milk tea is, quite simply, tea with milk added. This creates a smoother flavour and slightly sweetens to the tea. It’s a popular way to serve tea in many parts of the world and it is an easy way to dress up your average cup of tea. Milk tea combines the smooth, semi-bitter taste of strong tea with the creamy richness of milk. Milk tea is commonly consumed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Milk tea can take on many forms. It can be as simple as a splash of milk in your Assam or English Breakfast tea, or with a powdered Tea Creamer.

When liquid milk heats for too long, the denaturation of protein causes it to develop an odour. Therefore you can substitute liquid milk into a Tea Creamer with a milk component in powder form.

What is Milk Tea?

There are many regions in the world where milk tea is the default type of tea. This is most apparent in certain parts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the UK where ‘tea’ usually refers to milk tea. To ask for tea without milk, request a ‘black tea’ or simply ‘tea without.’

We developed a powdered Tea Creamer which can be used to substitute liquid milk. Also convenient when you want to pack a 3-in-1 stick. The shelf life is minimum 18 months and tea doesn’t cool down by splashing cold milk into a hot cup of tea.

Specifications and prices are available upon request